Skeleton of English / British History

1. Prehistory

            1.1. Stone Age

            1.2. Later Prehistory

            1.3. Genetic Markers of Bell Beaker migration

2. Roman Britain (43-410)

            2.1. The Invasion of Great Britain by the Romans (43AD)

            2.2. Great Britain as a Roman Province

3. Anglo-Saxon Period (410-1066)

            3.1. Anglo-Saxon Migrations

            3.2. Genetic markers of Anglo-Saxon migrations

            3.3. Heptarchy and Christianisation

            3.4. Viking challenge and the rise of Wessex

            3.5. English unification

            3.6.  England under the Danes and the Norman conquest

4. Norman England (1066-

            4.1. The Eleventh Century

            4.2. The Norman Conquest (1066)

            4.3. William, O Conquistador (1066-1087)  

5. England under the Plantagenets

            5.1. The First Angevins

            5.2. The Thirteenth Century

            5.3. The Magna Carta (1215)

            5.4. The Reign Henry III

            5.5. The Fourteenth Century

            5.6.  The Black Death

            5.7. The Fifteenth Century – Henry V and the Wars of the Roses

6. Tudor England

            6.1. Henry VII

            6.2. Henry VIII and the Beginnings of the Protestant Reformation

            6.3. Edward VI and Mary I: Protestantism vs The Return of Catholicism

            6.4. Elizabeth I: The Consolidation of the Protestant Reformation

            6.5. The End of the Tudor Era: The Conflict with Mary Queen of Scots

7. The Seventeenth Century

            7.1. The Union of the Crowns (James VI of Scotland = James I of England)

            7.2. The Beginnings of English Colonies in America

            7.3. The English Civil War and the Execution of King Charles I (1642-1651)

            7.4. The Westminster Assembly (1643-1653)

            7.5. A Republican Experiment: The Commonweal / Interregnum (1649-1660)

            7.6. The Restoration of the Monarchy Beginning with Charles II (1660-1714)

            7.7. Scotland Goes Presbyterian: the Role of John Knox (1660 on)

            7.8. The Glorious Revolution [1688-1689]

            7.9. The Reign of Queen Anne (1690-1714)

8. The Eighteenth Century

            8.2. The Creation of Great Britain (1707)

            8.3. The House of Hanover (Georgian Britain)

            8.4. The Loss of British America

            8.5. The Creation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1801)

9. The Nineteenth Century

            9.1. The Formation of Modern England

            9.2. The Regency Years (1811-1820)

            9.3. The Industrial Revolution: England as an Industrial Power

            9.4. The Cultural Revolution: Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, etc.

            9.5. Victorian England (1837-1901)

            9.6. The Political Revolution: The British Empire, Colonies and Dominions

            9.7. The Victorian Period: Diplomacy Through Marriage

10. The Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries

            10.1. The Preparation for War

            10.2. World War I: A War Among Cousins (England, Germany, Russia)

            10.3. General History and Political Issues: The Independence of Ireland

            10.4. Between Wars: Crisis in the Empire

            10.5. World War II: The Alliance with the United States

            10.6. The End of the Empire

            10.7. The Iron Curtain and the Cold War

            10.8.    The Irish Conflict

            10.9. The Iron Lady and the Conservative Turn

            10.10. The Collapse of Communism and the Soviet Union

            10.11. Great Britain and the European Community

            10.12. The Previous Colonies and the Commonwealth: Immigration

            10.13. The Massive Presence of Islam and the Clash of Cultures

            10.14. Recent Changes: BRexit

            10.15. The Long Rein of Elizabeth II – and After?

[Some Information adapted from Wikipedia, “History of England”]

Em Salto, 27 de Agosto de 2021

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